SEO Has Come A Long Way Since Its Inception – All That Happened In 2019

Search engine optimization or SEO has evolved over time and has become more challenging for the companies to get their website on the top. There are various SEO companies in Leeds that have adopted the latest trend in SEO and trying to evolve accordingly. While the established SEO Leeds agencies know the latest trend and are usually the first to adapt, it is also important for the new entrants to be aware of the latest trends in the SEO industry.

What changed in 2019?

One of the major changes that the SEO experts had to go through is the graduation from just website to the mobile phones. There was a time when the desktops were the major devices used for the internet and website surfing. However, that has definitely changed and people spend more time on their mobile devices. Therefore, the SEO experts have now upgraded their skills according to the demand in the space.

Next, Google has also cracked down on a lot of shady SEO practices and made promoting the website multiple times difficult. In 2019 alone Google added so many features and made several changes in the SERP and algorithms. For instance, a new feature called ‘Pick up where you left off on Search’ was added by the search engine giant. Surely, it made the life of the mobile users easier as they did not require browsing through the entire list every time. It has become easier through activity cards at the top to see only the topics that the user has searched for.

Likewise, earlier this year Google released its core update 2019 and there were tweets in length about the same. Lastly, Google discover was added by the company enabling the user to see the relevant content related to the topic that the user might be interested in.