Google Assistant Is Now The Xbox One’s New Soulmate!

Multitasking while playing one of those favorite Xbox One games can be challenging for most of us. As our full concentration is on the gameplay, it may happen that a great moment to share with friends is missed or volume is just not slowed down before going to sleep.

Well, now you will not miss these essential actions, as the Google Assistant has now come to your rescue as the most reliable digital pal. It can retain your focus on the gameplay while performing all the essential things for you.

The Xbox One console, in beta version, coordinates with the Google Assistant so that the latter can control you’re the overall experience just via speech or voice. For this purpose, you need to have a smart speaker or a display such as an Android or iOS smartphone that supports Google Assistant and Xbox Action.

The Xbox Action for Assistant allows controlling the console from the aforementioned device. Through it, just ask the Assistant to start a game after which the console shall turn ON and launch it. Apart from that, you can search for Xbox One games through voice, which saves time and effort.

Once you accomplish a reward or finish a level, the Assistant can take its screenshot so that your favorite action is captured and ready to share with others. It can even make a video of how you accomplished the feat.

You can even use Google Assistant to load the console’s media apps, increase or decrease the volume, pause the game, stop Xbox, and switch to PBS if live TV is set on Xbox. You only need to speak the respective command, such as “Hey Google, play,” and “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.” As of now, the beta works in English only. In the near future, more languages are likely to be a part of it.