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On October 13, 2003, Miami journalist and social activist John Buchanan was asked to run for President of the United States, head-on as a Republican against George W. Bush, by a living legend and lifelong Republican -- John McConnell, the 88-year-old founder of Earth Day.

During his lifetime, Mr. McConnell's friends have included 33 Nobel Prize laureates and three UN Secretaries General.

"John Buchanan offers the best chance of providing a future of peace and justice," McConnell says of the candidate he created -- and inspired. "He is a man of rare courage and conviction, the kind of person who could change the world -- for the better."

For more details of Mr. McConnell's 2004 Earth Day program and information on becoming an Earth Trustee, please visit

Please join John McConnell and citizens across America to speak up for the only candidate who is truly speaking up for you -- and the Constitution.

John Buchanan, a 53-year-old common citizen -- a working journalist, NOT a politician -- is leading a "people's army" against George W. Bush & Co., and forcing the American people to address two key questions:    1) Who owns the government, "we the people," or the Fortune 500? and, 2) Do truth and honor still matter in America?

If "we the people" do indeed own the government, as Thomas Jefferson and his fellow founding fathers declared, and truth and honor do still matter, then we have a long, hard fight ahead of us to reclaim our national heritage and freedoms from the tyranny of BOTH parties.

The entire system must be reformed, with power taken from corporate interests and returned to the people.

John Buchanan is the only candidate with a specific, easy to understand platform that seriously addresses the key issues of our time.

The Amazing Disappearing Bill of Rights

Under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft, basic American freedoms, consecrated by the blood of millions of U.S. veterans who fought and died to defend our unique Constitutional protections, have been eroded. In the wake of 9/11, Bush & Co. have virtually redefined the concepts of due process and fair and open proceedings against "enemy combatants," even U.S. citizens such as Jose Padilha.

The Once & Future Rebirth of Core Republican Values

Under George W. Bush, the Party of Lincoln has been perverted into the Party of Halliburton.

Core Republican values such as balanced budgets, smaller government, strong protection of our borders against illegal immigration, and protection of Constitutional freedoms, have been abandoned to an agenda driven by corporate greed and the scourgh of "globalization" -- at the expense of America and American workers.

Now is the time to take back our country -- for real, before it's too late

In order to return America to the American people, three major objectives must be met, in the name of "we the people":

1) We must get corporations and corporate interests out of politics and government, period. To accomplish that, we must ban corporations and special interest groups from all political activities, put an end to Political Action Committees (PACs) and end professional lobbying.

2) We must end war profiteering by former government officials and Washington insiders.

3) We must reform the media to help ensure a better-informed electorate.


Don't give George W. Bush four more years to lead our land and party to ruin.

Rise up and end the corporate coup -- NOW. Please contribute to the cause and get your coworkers, neighbors and friends to support the cause, too!

Support John Buchanan now!

Who is the REAL Republican?

Core Republican Values

ncorruptible Moral Leadership
Bush's Anti-Republican Record

Crony capitalism & War Profiteering
Fiscal Conservatism Biggest Deficits in History
Personal Liberty The "Patriot" Act, Total Information Awareness, Homeland Security Act

Limited Government

All-time Record Increases in Government Growth, Size and Spending

No Imperial Adventures or 
Foreign Entanglements

Unlimited Commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq - $166 Billion spent and counting
No Unfunded Mandates No Child Left Behind, the biggest unfunded mandate ever

True National Sovereignty


Principled Immigration Policies

Subordination of All Local, State & Federal US Laws to the Illegitimate Authority and Secret Tribunals of NAFTA and the WTO

"Bonded Labor" Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (and Cheap-Scared-Worker-hungry Corporate Employers)

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